Welcome to
Troop 728

(updated March 10, 2009 - send suggestions and we'll add more information!)

Welcome to your Troop!  There is so much to share - so much to learn - we hope this website helps start the process, and knowing what is here can be very useful as we try to make this website a very reliable source of information about upcoming events.

Our website (http://www.troop728.com) is jam packed with information - we hope you enjoy reading through it.  The four most popular things are the:

E-mail is a vital link to members of the Troop.  We have mailing lists which we maintained so that vital information reach everyone's most current email address.  Contact the webmaster if you need your email updated. See the Contacts page for more information.

Below you will find a bunch of introductory information... I'm sure their is a lot we don't cover (this is the first version of this web page); we will organize and announce a meeting for new parents - probably at someone's home or a Pizza place. Try to attend - but, if not, introduce yourself and get to know other parents!  Remember - most parents were new to the Troop not all that long ago themselves!

Scouts should attend our regular meetings often (have fun!), and try to come on outings as much as they can reasonably fit into their schedules (hopefully they will want to come on most if not all of them).  Adults are encouraged to stay for meetings, there are many people to talk to - and much to learn. Registered adults are also welcome on outings and join us for committee meetings monthly.

The Troop is very active, and no one expects anyone to come to every outing. One of the wonderful thing about having so many outings is that you won't feel that your year in scouting was wrecked by missing a few outings - because there are so many wonderful outings you will make.

MISSION - To provide opportunities for young men to have a fun, challenging, supportive and exciting scouting experience.

ACHIEVING THE MISSION - A balance of scouts who are active and enthusiastic, supported by parents who are involved and supportive, in a program that is boy led and outdoor focused.


  • Full year program

  • Summer camp

  • Monthly outings include:
    Camping, backpacking, cross-country skiing, biking, hiking, canoeing, fishing, crabbing

SPONSOR Oak Hills Christian Reformed Church - across from Oak Hills Elementary School  
MEETINGS  Mondays, Oak Hills Church
7:00pm to 8:30pm (approximately)
No scout meeting on the Monday immediately following our outing for the month.
TROOP SIZE 130 registered scouts and 63 active adult leaders
SCOUTMASTER  Joe Engert: (503) 516-4342
COMMITTEE MEETINGS The first Troop meeting immediately following an outing, 7-9pm.
Typically consists of committee business followed by assistant scoutmaster business.
We meet at
Godfather's Pizza; 4744 NW Bethany Blvd; (503) 533-9777.
Tom Holt: (503) 614-1175
COSTS Annual Dues - $65.00 per year
Summer Camp – about $200.00 (deposit due by end of February)
Friends of Scouting -
Tax Deductible donation (Optional)
Outings – Food cost shared by each patrol, $5 - $10/scout for drivers
We have several fundraisers during the year, to give the scouts the opportunity to earn money for their scout accounts, which can pay for some or all of their fees during the year (depends on the scout's results). The Troop collects enough from the annual dues and fundraisers to pay for propane, many supplies and fees for our outings.
Scout Shirt w/Patches (728 Unit Patch is provided by the troop)
Neckerchief is provided by the troop (Green/Gold) & Slide,
Troop 728 Hat, Scout Pants or Shorts & Scout Socks
Class 1 required annually and at registration
Class 2 required every 36 months and for summer camp
OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT Troop Provides: Patrol boxes equipped with propane stove & lantern
Scouts Need: Sleeping bag & pad, waterproof hiking boots and rain gear (jacket & pants), backpack, mess kit, tent (one per two scouts)
parents: ask experienced parents for advice on what to get and when - it can feel overwhelming - but it is not terrible... the #1 key is things to stay dry... always dry...


The scouts run the program at Troop 728. An annual brainstorming and planning session is held for the scouts to come up with ideas for outings and merit badges. This becomes the framework for Troop meeting plans and campouts. Merit badge work is incorporated into the plan where possible.

Troop 728 puts a real emphasis on getting first year patrols going. Patrols are organized by age/grade. Each scout has a good chance of developing lasting friendships this way. New Patrols are assigned a Troop Guide (a First Class scout interested in helping younger boys) to help the first year scouts make the transition to Boy Scouts and Troop 728. The Troop program is designed to enable an incoming scout to have the opportunity to achieve First Class Rank in their first year of scouting, but advancement depends on the individual Scout. Advancement activities are integrated into both Troop meetings and campouts.

Advancement is an important part of Scouting. At this time Troop 728 has five scouts who are working to complete their Eagle rank in the next several months.

Adult participation is critical to the success of any Troop. The Troop 728 policy is to require a minimum of two registered adults to join with each Den that crosses over. Most adults find that they have a great time and enjoy the camaraderie. We had 91 scouts and 35 adults attend summer camp (plus Philmont this year) in 2008, we have 95 scouts registered for 2009. It is common to have a 1:3 adult-to-scout ratio on campouts.

Our Troop prides itself on being "Boy lead" and the "Patrol Method." In order to make this work for the patrols, each patrol has a couple adults represent all the adults in a patrol. One adult as the lead Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) for their patrol. One adult as the lead Committee member (CM). In order to help us stay on track with this, we have arranged our monthly adult meetings (Mondays 7:00-8:30pm after an outing) to have two parts. Part one, 7:00-7:45pm, will require CM participation from each patrol and will handle the committee business. Part two, 7:45-8:30pm, will require ASM participation from each patrol and will handle the troop program "scoutmaster" business.

full calendar of events (including the outings) available online (Click here)

Any questions?
call our Scoutmaster,
Joe Engert

(503) 516-4342