All members (adults & scouts)

Members of our Troop (adults and scouts) should stay subscribed to the Troop mailing list, because a lot of communication about events (picnics, Eagle projects, summer camp information, etc.) and outings (maps and any last minute adjustments) are done by e-mail.

Contact the webmaster for the following tasks:

  • Join the mailing list (add your e-mail)
    (note: join with as many different email addresses as you like!  You will receive Troop mail at each email address, and be allowed to send to the Troop from that e-mail address too)
  • unsubscribe (remove yourself)

Our e-mail usage is: strictly limited to members (no more unauthorized e-mails to the Troop), virus scanning of e-mail is done (so infected member computers cannot send e-mail to the rest of us easily), and e-mail is archived. Also, all e-mail is easily sorted because the subject will always start with '[Troop 728 ALL] '.

List administration is done by a few people in the Troop who have donated time to review and maintain the e-mail lists.  Duties include authorizing requests to join the list, releasing e-mail which is trapped because it is suspected of being a virus, unsolicited e-mail, too large or other things which are questionable for sending to the Troop.